Please join us on Tuesday, January 23 from 6-8PM in Rhoades-Robinson Hall, Room 217 for a hands-on lab to review Google’s Generative AI Studio. Come learn about how these generative AI tools work and how you might apply them! The event is sponsored by the Asheville Google Developers Group.

What is Generative AI Studio?
Generative AI Studio is a Google Cloud console tool that allows users to prototype and test generative AI models. It is a managed environment in Vertex AI where developers and data scientists can interact with, tune, and deploy foundation models.

Some of the capabilities of Generative AI Studio include:

  • A chat interface
  • Prompt design
  • Prompt tuning
  • Fine-tuning model weights
  • Testing sample prompts
  • Customizing foundation models

We’ll go through the Introduction to Google Generative AI at